by Kevin Andrews, 2014, Connor Court Publishing, 170p.

Thousands of social science results indicate that a healthy, stable and happy marriage is an optimal relationship for the psychological, emotional and physical well being of adults and children.

Functional families are one of the strongest influences on the growth of human competence, and mental and emotional well being.

by Ros Burnett (Editor), 2016 Oxford University Press, 368p.

This book fills a gap for an authoritative and considered text focused on false accusations of recent or historical abuse.

It brings together experts from different disciplinary backgrounds to consider ways of reducing the incidence of fabricated allegations and associated injustices.

While policies that address child abuse, rape and other sexual offences are most welcome, false allegations of such offences have become too common.

by Daniel Hannan, 2013, Head of Zeus, 399p.

This book shows how the invention of freedom has been uniquely a `British', rather 'Western', development. The people of an island off the western coast of the Eurasian landmass came to believe that the state was the servant, not master, of the individual.

This revolutionary idea led to security of property and contract.  These, in turn, led to industrialization and modern capitalism. For the very first time, a system developed which, overall, rewarded production over predation.