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Courage in a Hostile World

by David Phillips, 2014, FamilyVoice Australia, 274p.

David Phillips' account of the rise and reach of FamilyVoice Australia is a compelling history of a 40 year-long battle for the heart and soul of public morals in Australia. This is a great read and a great resource for all who seek for light and truth.

Mark Durie, vicar of St Mary's Anglican Church, Caulfield

Courage in a Hostile World appeals on a number of levels. It offers well-researched history; equally well-researched discussion; personal disclosure and practical inspiration.

Those interested in the issues will find plenty to sharpen their teeth; those interested in action will find much to motivate them; those interested in people will meet some wonderful, bold Christians.

Stealing from a Child

by David van Gend, 2016, Connor Court Publishing, 274p.

Marriage has always been about children, because children generally result from a male-female sexual union. If human sexuality was not reproductive in nature, the state would have no interest in the institution of marriage. But it is, so the state rightly does care about marriage.

Thus children are the reason for marriage, and it is their wellbeing that we should primarily be concerned about. However the push by adults to redefine the institution of marriage shows a callous disregard for the rights of children, especially their fundamental right to have their own biological mother and father.

Christian Foundations and the Common Law - Vol I

by Augusto Zimmermann, 2019, Connor Court Publishing, 211p.

This book is a timely, relevant and important contribution to an understanding of the Christian origins of the Australian, English and American legal systems. As such, it is not only an admirable example of Legal History at its best, but also a philosophical treatise that questions, challenges and guides its readers.

This is an eminently readable book which should be read by law students, legal academics, practising lawyers and the judiciary. I also recommend the book to those who, although they may not have been trained in the rigorous discussion of legal and moral issues, are nevertheless interested in understanding the legal, philosophical and Christian roots of our legal system.