by Kevin Andrews, 2014, Connor Court Publishing, 170p.

Thousands of social science results indicate that a healthy, stable and happy marriage is an optimal relationship for the psychological, emotional and physical well being of adults and children.

Functional families are one of the strongest influences on the growth of human competence, and mental and emotional well being.

At a time when marriage and family are under constant siege, Kevin Andrews' thoroughly researched book provides a timely and telling case for making the strengthening of these essential bedrocks of a healthy society a number one priority.

Kevin Andrews highlights how individuals, communities and governments can help to create more successful marital unions.

"This is a reasoned call to take the future of marriage as seriously as we take the future of the economy, education, and health care. I have never seen the case made better for marriage as a public good worth preserving and promoting, and not just a personal life style. 'Maybe I Do' also has a human touch, reflecting the author's many years as an educator of young couples. It's a terrific contribution from a national leader."

William J. Doherty