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by Augusto Zimmermann, 2019, Connor Court Publishing, 211p.

This book is a timely, relevant and important contribution to an understanding of the Christian origins of the Australian, English and American legal systems. As such, it is not only an admirable example of Legal History at its best, but also a philosophical treatise that questions, challenges and guides its readers.

This is an eminently readable book which should be read by law students, legal academics, practising lawyers and the judiciary. I also recommend the book to those who, although they may not have been trained in the rigorous discussion of legal and moral issues, are nevertheless interested in understanding the legal, philosophical and Christian roots of our legal system.

Hence, it is with pleasure that I recommend this book to the widest possible readership. This book is erudite, informative, well-written and researched and most importantly, it is a timely reminder of the Christian heritage of the Common Law that has served us so well for many centuries.

Gabriel A. Moens, Emeritus Professor of Law, The University of Queensland. Professor of Law, Curtin University

“Professor Zimmermann traces how many of our current freedoms within a broad, plural, public square can be attributed to a rich seam of Christian philosophical influence that has evidently infused the development of the common law in different jurisdictions. In my view, this is essential reading for students and scholars alike who seek a fuller appreciation as to the origins of the common law.”

Simon McCrossan LL.M, Barrister, UK Head of Public Policy, Evangelical Alliance UK

In this excellent book, Dr Zimmermann carefully lays out for the reader an easily digestible and highly readable account of the Christian roots of the common law in England... His book is a very valuable addition to Australian works on legal history and will assist not only lawyers and law students but all interested readers to better understand why our legal system is as it is.

Michael Quinlan, Dean and Professor of Law, The University of Notre Dame Australia (Sydney)