Governments and the companies with which we interact gather and hold more data about us than ever before, because it is so useful for analytical purposes.

In order to preserve public acceptance of the use of this data for research and policy purposes, it is important to know public attitudes towards the handling of this data.

The 27th survey in the ANUPoll series asked a representative sample of Australians about their views and attitudes on data governance.

While Australians generally support government use and sharing of data, they lack confidence that the right safeguards are in place.

Governments, researchers and private companies, who want to make use of emerging types and sources of data, need to build public support through policies that will ensure sound storage, management and security of the data.

More information is available in Public attitudes towards Data Governance in Australia by N Biddle, B Edwards, M Gray, & S McEachern, February 2019, Centre for Social Research & Methods, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences: